Led Lighting

Until 90% energy saving
LED lights with constant Multivoltage 10-35 V DC
White light 2700 K
Yield CRI 95

A safe and substaining energy savings

A safe and sustainable energy savings

EUROMED LIGHTING ™ is designed for lighting on pleasure boats and merchant ships. They can benefit from significant energy savings through the use of LED lighting.

EUROMED LIGHTING ™ represents a saving of 80-90% of energy on lighting. Profitability is immediate and the result is impressive.

L’éclairage EUROMED LIGHTING ™ differs from other products on the market by its high quality lamps with integrated control 10-35V DC intensity variations that protects the power supply, resulting in a stable lighting, reliable and long time life.

EUROMED LIGHTING ™ offers a unique range of LED lamps and accessories suitable to replace your halogen lighting.



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