Blowers Gallinea

Compact, lightweight, low power consumption, low noise level

Bilge air vents

Gallinea bilge air vents originate from a comprehensive study on the most common problems on

Based on the results of their functional testing, the bilge ventilation has been optimised through the creation of new air vents with unique features: plastic structure adapted to the
marine environment (PA66+30%FB), very efficient blades, very compact IP68 continuous duty
motor, low power consumption, low noise level, very light (70% lighter than a traditional device).
Easy to install thanks to the design of the flanges and flaps.

Devices available with motor/turbine flow or turbine/motor flow.

A range of traditional air vents is also available, with steel frame and low or high voltage power supply.

The range of centrifugal fans is ideal for bathrooms, galleys, cabins and small engine rooms.



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